IDUN Mineral's name comes from the Goddess Idun from the ancient Norse mythology,
the common folklore of the pre-Christian era and during the Viking Age in Scandinavia. 
Idun was the goddess of the eternal youth and she owned a box of golden apples
that she handed out to the other Gods to give them endless youth.

Artist and designer Patrizia Gucci is behind the artistic interpretations of the
goddess Idun on the IDUN Minerals packaging. With an exclusive and unique design,
we reflect the Nordic woman's lifestyle that delivers our message of emphasizing her beauty.



Patrizia Gucci -
Pure cosmetics meet art and design:

"Idun represents the Scandinavian woman in my paintings. She is very feminine and a woman of character. She appreciates the spirituality she finds in nature, and enjoys great respect for all living. Every woman in my paintings carefully chooses her makeup, looks into the mirror and dreams of how she can stay forever young and become even more beautiful. "


Design av Patrizia Gucci


Operation & Production Wikinggruppen