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What does IDUN Minerals products contain?

Simply Pure and Clean

We are one of Sweden’s largest supplier of beauty products and develop clean products without unnecessary additives. Our product development team ensures that ingredients work in harmony with the skin and suit all types of skin, even the most sensitive. Highly purified minerals have been scientifically proven to be very effective and backed by genuine Swedish research, we are committed to developing ethical, clean products without compromise. All products from IDUN Minerals are free from talc, cyclic silicones, bismuth, PFAS and perfume (with the exception of some hair care products that contain hypoallergenic perfume), as these ingredients can cause allergies, irritation and/or prevent the skin from breathing. We also try to avoid preservatives whenever possible to minimize the risk of irritation. The purity of minerals is also a very important factor in preventing allergic reactions. That’s why we have high demands on the quality of the minerals used in our cosmetics. The minerals are highly purified from, for example, nickel and chromium, as these metals can cause contact allergy and should be avoided as far as possible. Our powder foundation consists of 100% highly purified minerals, is inorganic and contains no water, which prevents bacteria from forming.

What you find in our products

Zinc oxide reacts calming against irritated skin such as rosacea or acne. Reflects UVA and UVB radiation and provides sunscreen (SPF) in our products.

Titanium dioxide is a white mineral powder that provides sunscreen (SPF) and is pigment-generating.

Mica is a mineral used to provide smooth and luminous skin.

***Media has investigated and found that mica, which is used in, among other things, mineral cosmetics, sometimes is extracted by child workers in India.  IDUN Minerals does not use raw materials from factories that use child labor.  We have signed a code of conduct that all suppliers undertake to follow.  IDUN Minerals mica content mainly originates from England, USA, China and Brazil. Our suppliers ensure that the mica is not manufactured by child labor.  Should any supplier, withhold the truth, we will immediately terminate the collaboration with them. We work intensively to ensure and verify that all suppliers and their subcontractors meet our high standards.***

Lingon seed oil
Lingon seed oil moisturizes, protects and delivers natural lust to the skin.

Cloudberry oil
Cloudberry oil cherishes and is softening.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E (also called tocopherol) is an antioxidant that has a protective effect from free radicals.

Kaolin is a clay mineral that absorbs fat and has a mattifying effect.

Iron oxide is found in yellow, red and black pigments mixed in different concentrations to provide different shades in products.

Taklon is one of the finest synthetics whose benefits are both biodegradable and hypoallergenic. It is also an animal-friendly and vegan alternative instead of animal hair.

What our products never contain

Nickel is allergenic if you are exposed to nickel for a long time and the allergy can last a lifetime. Nickel allergy causes rash or eczema and the most common makeup product containing nickel is mascara.

Chromium causes rash or eczema.

Talk is used in makeup to absorb oil and to moisture. But talk also has the effect of laying in fine lines and creating an illusion of larger wrinkles.

Cyclic silicones
Cyclic silicones are often found in makeup and in skin and hair care products. There is a suspicion that too high levels of cyclic silicones may adversely affect the liver and the respiratory system.

Perfume in makeup is only for the products to get a specific scent, on the other hand, the majority contains allegory substances that can lead to allergic eczema. In addition, perfume can aggravate asthma.

Bismuth is a pigment that gives a shimmering and shiny effect on the skin, on the other hand, it can cause skin itchiness on sensitive people when the skin is exposed to heat such as during exercise and when it’s hot.

Parabens are a highly controversial preservative that kills the growth of bacteria. On the other hand, studies show that it can contribute to hormonal effects.

Highly fluorinated substances, PFASs, are difficult for nature to break down. In addition, PFAS has negative effects on reproduction, immune system, liver and are suspected carcinogens.

Suspected carcinogenic preservatives.

Microplastics are five millimetres in length of plastic that are suspected to pollute the marine environment.


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