We get many questions regarding animal testing on IDUN Minerals products. "Are there still any animal-tested products? Why do you have to do animal tests? Which makeup brands do not test on animals?" We understand that the questions are many and we are very pleased that so many of you care about our animals and that the makeup you buy should not be animal-tested.

 We at IDUN Minerals do not devote ourselves to any kind of animal tests. But since so many of you have questions about this, we thought we'd tell you some more about why some makeup brands choose to test on animals.


According to the European legislation, it is not allowed to test either the final product or the ingredients on animals. On the other hand, there are some makeup brands that sell their products in countries where the law obligates the manufacturer to test the products on animals (such as China). This means that if a company sells its products in a physical store in China and does not have its own production within the country, the product must be tested on animals. It is a requirement from the country that animal testing must be carried out for the products to be sold in the stores. Just as Europe has its own legislation against animal tests, some countries claim that the makeup must be tested on animals. Then it is up to the company that sells the makeup to decide if you want to carry out animal testing or not. You can always choose not to sell your products to countries that require animal testing and therefore avoid them.

When you buy a product from IDUN Minerals,
you can be assured that the product has not been tested on animals.

We love animals and want to take care of the life on our planet!

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