IDUN Minerals has four type of mascaras with different characteristics:
volume-giving, for extension, curved and waterproof.
Thanks to our high purified mineral pigments, all of our mascaras give intense color to
your fringes while the carefully selected ingredients nurture, strengthen and protect them.


The eye area is very sensitive and vulnerable to both allergens and infections, hence we have high demands on makeup used on the fringes and on the eyelids.
It is important that the products we use close to the eye area are clean and remain free of microorganisms considering daily use and storage in a warm, and often humid environment.
All of our mascaras are ophthalmologically tested (an ophthalmologist is a specialist in eye diseases) and you can feel safe using our mascaras as every mascara is allergy-tested.
In addition, the mascaras are free from substances such as nickel and parabens, ingredients that otherwise are relatively common in mascaras and may cause allergies.

Because our mascaras contain liquid ingredients, they require preservatives, in order not to form bacteria.
One can be allergic to some preservatives, subsequentely we have chosen different preservatives for different types of mascara,
in order to at least withstand one of our mascaras.

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