Flawless Face - Step By Step


The most important product for a flawless face is the foundation. Depending on what you prefer, you can chose either liquid or powder foundation. IDUN Minerals powder foundation gives a natural finish with medium coverage, applied with a Kabuki brush in a circular motion. Norrsken, our liquid foundation with light coverage gives an illuminating finish. Apply with the Liquid foundation brushNordic Veil, our liquid foundation with full coverage gives a matte finish and is best applied with a Makeup sponge. 


To hide dark circles under the eyes, blemishes or acne, concealer is used. Apply on the desired area until you reach the desired coverage. Apply preferably with the Concealer brush.



With a bronzer you can accentuate facial features and create an all-over sun-kissed look. Or apply to the cheek bone like a blush to create structure. Apply with Blush brush or Face definer brush.



A little blush on the apple of the cheek gives a fresh look. IDUN Minerals offers five different shades, from cold to warm tones. Apply small amount at a time with short, quick strokes. You can use our Blush brushStippling brush or Face definer brush.


Finally, to set makeup for all day wear, try our pigmented finishing powders. Perfect to wear over makeup or to keep in your bag for touch-ups throughout the day. There is also the transparent powder Tilda which gives a shimmering effect and can be used as a highlighter above the cheekbone or eyen to light up around the eye area.


Et voilá! Now you have a flawless face!


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