New Products!

We have now launched more news for the Eyes and Lips categories. The existing collection is supplemented with a vegan volume mascara, eyeliners in new shades, one new eyeshadow primer in pressed form and lipliners. All products contain highly purified minerals and are free from unneccesary additives. They have been developed to fit everyone, even those with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

On top of the product launches in May, IDUN Minerals have in collaboration with the Swedish pharmacy brand Apoteket launched 9 new foundation colors (both in liquid and powder formula), which means that the range have been doubled (from 9 to 18 products). Furthermore, the extended shade range contain three fixating powders and three full-coverage concealers.

All the new colors have been developed exclusively in collaboration with Apoteket, where you can find and buy the new extended colors.

Nya foundationfärger

Extended color range

IDUN Minerals has, together with Apoteket, developed 9 new shades to the foundation range.

Previously the shades have gone from Jorunn (extra light) to Embla (warm, medium dark). Now with the extended colors, the shades go from Sigrid (olive beige) to Helga (intense dark).

Even the new foundations are pure mineral foundations made out of 100% highly purified minerals.
They are available in both powder and liquid formula.



Beyond the mineral concealer Strandgyllen there is now three new full covering concealers in the shades Strandlilja (medium), Månviol (light brown) and Lövkoja (dark brown). The concealers has a cream formula, they can be mixed and they fit all skintones, even the most sensitive ones.



IDUN Minerals extends the fixating powders with Makalös (light brown), Fantastisk (medium brown) and Otrolig (dark brown). These powders covers fully with a velvet finish.



The Magna mascara is 100% vegan and gives extra volume to the lashes,
its buildable, which means you can apply layers on lashes to create even more 
volume. The formula is creamy and simple to apply and the rounded brush
gives a defined result without lumps. The mascara contains of highly purified

Just like others mascaras from IDUN Minerals, Magna is ophthalmologically tested and suits even those with the most sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.




All IDUN Minerals lipliners gives color to your lips and stops the lipstick from smudging out.
The lipliners have a creamy texture and they are available in four intense colors that stick all day long. 

Furthermore, they contain nourishing coconut oil and fit even the most sensitive people.  

They are easy to apply in desired ways as they both have an
integrated sharpener that gives a more intense colorful result and 
to give definition to the lip line, but also an eraser for a more smooth
result. The four colors are named after famous Swedish actresses, 
and they are developed to fit well together with IDUN Minerals lipsticks.

Greta is a dark-red shade named after Greta Garbo. Greta fits good
with the lipsticks Björnbär, Vinbär and Sylvia.

Harriet has a brown/beige color named after Harriet Andersson.
Harriet fits good together with the lipsticks Krusbär, Lingon, Katja
and Stina.

Bibi has a pink/beige color named after Bibi Andersson.
Bibi works well together with Jungfrubär, Alice, Elise and Filippa.

Anita is a lipliner that comes in a classic red color, named after Anita Ekberg.
Complete Anita with the lipsticks Jordgubb, Körsbär and Ingrid Marie.





IDUN Minerals eyeliners helps to define the eyes some more and they have a smooth formula which is easy to apply but is also developed to suit even the most sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Both eyeliners have built in sharpeners and erasers to get either a sharp or soft application.

The eyeliners contain highly purified minerals
where Hav has a clear-blue color, and Aska
has a grey color.





Eyeshadow primer

Näckros is an eyeshadow primer that comes in pressed form,
that helps you fixate the eyeshadow so it stays in place all day long.
Näckros contains highly purified minerals and is free from silicones.
It is developed to fit all types of skin, even the most sensitive ones.


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