Magna Mascara Best Mascara Of The Year

Magna is the winner of Swedish Beauty Awards in the category "Best mascara of the year"!

On Wednesday evening it was time for the most important event within the beauty industry in Sweden, the Swedish Beauty Awards. Gala vanity, mingle among the most renowned in the industry and an award ceremony was on the agenda at Circus in Stockholm. 

The category "Mascara of the Year" is one of the most prestigious categories, and it was a tough competition, among which the L'Oréal Paris Paradise Extatic and the Terry Lash-Expert Twist Brush were nominated. But Magna took home the victory with this motivation:

                                      "Compellingly, this mascara extends the fringes. The appropriate

          curved brush builds up volume and the blackness sits where it should thanks to its smooth formula."


Magna is also a mascara that has been well received by the consumers, for example it has scored 5/5 of the once who have got it on with reasons like "Why put on fake eyelashes when you have this mascara! The best I ever had <3" and "Gives long eyelashes and does not smudge out".


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