IDUN Minerals Launches A New Communication Concept

IDUN Minerals launches a new communication concept, developed by the advertising agency Brindfors. The new concept will clarify the brand's Nordic origins and get more people to clean up the eyes of clean makeup without unnecessary additives.

"We have grown a lot in recent years, and as a Swedish brand in an international market, it is becoming increasingly important to lift our origins. In our new concept, we have chosen to clarify the Nordic, clean and natural, but with a more modern expression than before, "says Gabriella Sjödin, Marketing Manager of IDUN Minerals.

The concept, launched in February, is based on a collage of Nordic nature along with different models. It will be seen in IDUN Minerals all channels, from print and outdoor to online and retail exposure.

"We wanted to create a Nordic expression without getting caught up in a distorted picture of how a Nordic person looks. That's why we let the geography place us geographically, and the models show the palette of appearances that represent the population today, "says Rachel La Chenardiére, creator at Brindfors.

IDUN Minerals has sold and developed mineral cosmetics since 2011, and the distribution is mainly through pharmacies. In the fall of 2017, the company expanded its range with a line of vegan skin care products that also target men.

Along with the Swedish success, IDUN Minerals has had strong international growth and today it is established in 14 markets, including the Nordic countries, France and the United States.

"Our vision for 2018 is to continue to grow globally. We receive almost daily requests from distributors around the world who want to sell IDUN Minerals. We are of course extremely proud that there is such a great international demand for our brand and pure beauty products, "says Gabriella Sjödin.

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