Make Your Eyes Pop - The Best Eye Makeup for Your Eye Color

Emphasizing the eyes is something that most people want to do. Either you can mark them with a statement eyeliner or with long and volumizing fringes - or by using eye shadow in contrast colors.

Contrast colors are two colors that are each other's opposite contrasts, and if combined, the colors are perceived as more clear and will be emphasized even more.



If you have blue eyes, warm colors are something you'll use, because blue is a cool color. Warm, golden colors such as gold, brown and beige emphasize blue eyes even more, and then the Brunkulla palette fits perfectly.

If you have eyes that are brown, which is a warm color, you should use cool tones as contrast colors. Green, white / pink and grey are typical colors that emphasize brown eyes. The Vitsippa palette is perfect for you with brown eyes.


If you have green eyes, you are unique since less than 2% of the world's population has it. Blue and pink tones are contrasting colors to green and therefore the palette Norrlandssyren fits perfectly to emphasize the green eyes. Even red is such a color - a hot tip is to wear red lipstick!



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