On the wedding day you want to look beautiful and fresh, and as the wedding pictures will last for a long time, a classic look is preferable that emphasizes your natural beauty. Important to keep in mind is also to have a good base, as it keeps the makeup in place all day, but also because it looks better on the pictures. For that reason, it is also important to tune down on the highlighter when shooting, the highlighter reflects whith the flash and can give a very shiny effect. By using a transparent and mattening powder, you can also look fresh from morning throughout the day.





A nail polish can liven up any outfit. To achieve a long lasting result, it is important to start with a base coat and to finish with a top coat. When applying it is always important to start painting in the middle of the nail and then towards the tip. Continue by a piece from the nail band straight towards the nail tip again. Then proceed with the right and left side of the nail. To get a more comprehensive result, apply two layers.


Operation & Production Wikinggruppen