Find the right shade for you!

It can be quite difficult to find the right foundation shade, given all the different shades and tones available, also the change of the skin tone between the seasons.

Therefore, it is wise to buy a new foundation and a fixing powder when you have been sun-kissed!

The first thing that's good to know is what kind of undertone you have; (1) neutral, (2) hot or (3) cold undertone.

  1. If you have a neutral undertones, your tan will gradually  build up.
  2. If you have a warm undertone, you have a more yellowish skin tone and tan easily in the sun and get burned often.
  3. If you have a cool undertone the skin is more pink and burn easily in the sun and is relatively difficult to turn brown.

When you know what kind of undertone you have, it's time to find out your shade. We have ten shades to choose from and you see what you have by looking at your skin.

See the illustration below for guidance matching product with skintone.

Extra lightFor extra light skin tones
LightFor light skin tones
Light / Medium For light to medium skin tones
MediumFor medium skin tones
with yellow pigments
Medium / DarkFor medium skin tones
with brown pigments
Olive BeigeFor those with dark
skin tone but with shades leaning towards yellow 
Light BrownFor those with darker
skin tone but with shades leaning towards red 
Medium BrownDark skin tone
Dark BrownVery dark skin tone
DeepDeep dark skin tone

IDUN Minerals - Foundation shade chart

By now you should have a fairly good idea of what your shade would be, but it is always best to try your new nuance directly on the skin. You do this by taking three different shades that you think would fit, then you apply either with a smaller brush (like our concealerbrush) or with your finger on the bottom part of your cheek, put three lines next to each other. The shade that suits you the best, is the shade that naturally mixes in with your skintone and is barely visible!

You can choose between powderfoundation or a liquid foundation depending on your own taste and preference. 
But generally the powderfoundation covers more and is better suited for a sensitive skintype while the liquid foundation fits a more dry skin that needs more moisturizing effects, also the liquid foundation does not cover as much as the powdered one.

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