If you have a dry skin type, the skin usually tightens and feels dehydrated.
Having a dry skin may be due to the fact that the skin is not moisturized,
but in many cases it has been treated so that it has dried out.

Use customized cleansing and moisturizing creams for dry skin, morning and evening.
It is important to continue on the moisturizing track even with the makeup.

To people with dry skin we recommend IDUN Mineral's liquid foundation Norrsken,
which consists of highly purified mineral pigments and carefully
selected ingredients that nurture and strengthen the skin.

IDUN Minerals - Flytande foundation produkter

It also moisturizes as it contains Nordic lingonberry seed oil that also protects and delivers natural lust.

For best results, apply the liquid foundation with a Liquid Foundation Brush. Also, remember to avoid products containing too much alcohol because they will dry the skin out.

To keep the skin moisturized throughout the day use a moisturizing micellar water occasionally during the day.

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