If you have oily skin, the skin is shiny and oily with tendencies to large pores and pimples. The cause of the oily skin is due to an overproduction of fat, also called sebum, in the sebaceous glands, which can be caused by hormones, heredity or by using incorrect skin care and makeup. To make it less visible, use products that act mattifying on the skin and that doesn't clog any pores, therefore choosing the right products is very important.

Many believe that oily skin requires strong and dehydrating cleaning products, on the contrary, oily skin requires mild care with products that balance the sebum production in the skin. Therefore, avoid washing your skin frequently with water as the skin will dry out and the sebaceous glands will liberate even more oil-rich substances. A gentle and deep cleansing product is recommended and a mild day cream for moisturizing. Later on you can apply makeup, and for that occasion we recommend our powder foundation that covers well, mattifies the surface while allowing the skin to breathe. For best results, apply it with a Kabuki Brush. 


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