Rosacea and acne are two skin diseases, it occurs when the skin gets inflammatory with red parts that are very sensitive. We have the products that help you cover the red parts while allowing the skin to breathe!

Rosacea usually occurs on the chin, nose, cheeks and on the forehead. The skin becomes red and irritated, also blisters and enlarged sebaceous glands may occur, which is the reason why rosacea faulty can be mixed with acne. Acne is a skin disease that occurs through inflammation in the sebaceous glands, after which the skin can be purulent.

Both rosacea and acne make the skin red and very sensitive why it is important to use clean, mild products that allow the skin to breathe while are able to hide the rednesses and to cover. You should use products that are specially made for sensitive skin, which is the reason why our powder foundation is well suited as it is the only cosmetic product approved by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association. Our powder foundation is made out of 100% purified minerals, covers the preferables areas and does not clog the pores (since it does not contain waxes), it allows the skin to breathe and there for a perfect product for sensitive skin. It does not contain any perfume or preservatives, substances that can usually cause dry skin which aggravates the sebaceous glands product and the rosacea/acne. You can read more about what the makeup contains here.

It is also important to always remove all of the makeup before bedtime, and to clean your face with gentle cleaning products that do not dry out the skin.

In order to cope with red parties we have developed a special green concealer, Idegran. The green tone neutralizes red parties and helps to hide redness, rosacea, acne and superficial blood vessels. If you want to work out red larger parts, you can mix Idegran with the powder foundation, resulting in an even and flawless result.

For best results apply the powder with IDUN Minerals Kabuki Brush. Our Kabuki brush is made of taklon, which is hypoallergenic and gentle for those with sensitive skin (such as acne or rosacea).

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