Our motto is: ” Simply Pure and Clean”. For us effective beauty does not need to put a strain on nature and our planet. We want to offer clean and effective beauty with a minimal impact on the environment.

As IDUN Minerals grows internationally, our responsibility for the sustainable development increases. This sustainable development includes three areas; the social, economic and environmental. With this as a basis, we work on developing all our beauty with the environment and inclusion as a starting point, in parallel with improving resources efficiency. To continue being a company providing sustainable beauty we need to ensure a sustainable value chain as well as securing profitability. 

The core of IDUN Minerals has always been clear, gentle and non-harmful ingredients and this is ingrained in our identity. We constantly keep us updated on ingredients that have a potential of being harmful for the environment or people and these are very fast excluded from our assortment. Furthermore our genlte makeup, skincare and haircare also help people with different skin conditions such as rosacea, acne, burns and vitiligo. We also believe that everyone is beautiful regardless of makeup and this is something that we always want to boost.  

To make the sustainability work more clear we have divided it into three focus areas that comprises our most important sustainability aspects: People, Product, Planet.



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