Maintaining a vegan lifestyle is not always so easy in today's society as there are products based on animals everywhere; in food, clothing and other commonly used everyday products.


Ingredients in makeup can have different origins. A natural product has been produced from raw materials derived from nature while a synthetic product has been manufactured under highly controlled forms in the lab. As we get many questions about animal and vegan products, lets take a closer look and see what the buzz is all about.

If an ingredient is animal, it means that it is produced by or with the help of animals. From the food industry we know milk, cheese and cream as animal ingredients. In the same way it is with makeup. Sometimes the animals need to produce an ingredient, such as beeswax.


It can be quite difficult to know if cosmetic products contain traces of animal ingredients or if they have been tested on animals.

Usually, if cosmetic products are labeled as vegan, they simply do not contain any ingredients that come from animals. Cruelty-free makeup guarantee that no animals have been hurt or injured in the manufacture of the product. However, there are many makeup brands that have cruelty-free products but are not vegan. 

Fortunately, the development and regulation of cosmetics are constantly being adjusted for a more sustainable and healthier world. Therefore, more and more companies choose to take their responsibility by reviewing their ethical point of view and developing new products that are vegan and cruelty free.


IDUN Minerals uses two non-vegan ingredients:

Beeswax is used in some of our mascaras as it is a very safe and well-documented ingredient. Since we at IDUN are aware of producing skin friendly products, only well-documented ingredients are required. In the mascara, where beeswax is used, we have not found an alternative ingredient as good to replace beeswax.

Carmine is a red color pigment used in rouge, eye shadows and lip products available in the assortment. Carmine helps products get their red color and is a very well-documented dye. Since we want to make high quality and safe makeup where red color is included we must use this ingredient. Other red color pigments such as, for example, AZO dyes are not an option as they may be harmful in contact with the oral cavity. Carmine is also a very good choice from an environmental point of view, something that is extremely important to us. In the ingredient list, carmine is usually called C.I. 75470.

We want to emphasize that all ingredient choices we make first and foremost will maintain the highest quality. We always try to choose vegan ingredients but the most important thing for us is to always make safe products for humans, animals and nature.

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