Below you will find some of the most commonly asked questions we receive at IDUN Minerals.

To find out more about what the products contain, navigate to a products page and then click on the tab "ingredients". You will then find all the ingredients. 

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Where can you buy IDUN Minerals products?


IDUN Minerals is currently sold on selected pharmacy chains in Sweden but you can also find our products online on these webshops, 
Eleven.seLyko.se and Apotea.se.

IDUN Minerals products can be found on selected pharmacies and stores around europe, for a total list of resellers, click here!

Is it possible to get samples of IDUN's makeup?


At the nearest IDUN Pharmacy you have the opportunity to test IDUNS Minerals products. Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to send samples by mail or the like.

Where does IDUN Minerals come from?


IDUN Minerals is a full color make-up line based on pure mineral formulations. IDUN Minerals was originally introduced in 2011 as a pharmacy exclusive brand in Sweden.

What distinguishes mineralmakeup from other makeup?


Mineral products have healing and calming properties and are especially suitable for people with sensitive skin. The minerals also provide natural protection against the sun. High purified mineral makeup generally does not contain any allergenic or irritant substances.

What does it mean, that IDUN Minerals products only contains 100% highly purified minerals?


IDUN Minerals do not clog the pores. The mild formula has a healing and calming effect on the skin, and contains natural sun protection, that helps prevent skin aging of the skin. The products slow the appearance of new fine lines and are effective against moles and other visible signs of aging on the skin.

The IDUN Minerals base products consist of 100 % highly purified minerals. This means that the minerals are purified from nickel, chromium and microorganisms. The basic products do not contain talc, oil, silicone, perfume, bismuth, or preservatives such as parabens – substances that can lead to irritation, rashes and allergic reactions. The products are also inorganic and anhydrous, which prevents formation of bacteria.

What does IDUN Minerals products contain?


IDUN Mineral's basic products consist of 100% pure minerals, including:

  • Mica (for irregularities)
  • Iron oxide (gives color): referred to as the CI number (color index)
  • Zinc oxide (counteracts bacteria and contains UV protection)
  • Titanium dioxide is a white mineral powder that provides sunscreen (SPF) and is pigment-generating.

IDUN Mineral's products do not contain the substance bismuth oxichloride.
Under each product on the website you can read the respective product list of ingredients.

Why does bismuth has a negative effect on the skin?


Bismuth may irritate and cause itching when your face becomes warm. It is a problem for many, especially those with sensitive skin or tendency to sensitive skin. Having to "dust" the powder into the pores to make it stick can also cause irritation.

Warum benutzt ihr Konservierungsmittel?


In manchen Produkten, zum Beispiel Mascara, müssen wir Konservierungsmittel beifügen, um Bakterienwachstum zu verhindern. Nichtsdestotrotz waren wir sehr sorgsam mit der Auswahl unserer Konservierungsmittel und haben uns nur für solche entschieden, die antiallergen sind und die Augen nicht reizen. Wir verwenden keine Parabene.

Are mineral makeup good for your skin?


Pure mineral makeup, with no added unnecessary additives, has a calming effect on your skin.
IDUN Minerals products do not clog pores and let the skin breathe. The mild formula has a calming effect on the skin and has a natural built in sunscreen that prevents skin from ageing. IDUN Minerals products works especially well for people with sensitive skintypes.

Are the products allergy tested?


The researcher and pharmacist, Marie Lodén, who has been involved and developed IDUN Minerals has quality assured all ingredients in IDUN Mineral's products. Through a high purification of the minerals, Nickel and chrome to fit even better for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin. IDUN Minerals products have been specifically tested for people with documented nickel allergy, and the results show that nickel allergists can use IDUN Minerals without any problems!

Do IDUN Minerals products contain nanoparticles?



Are the products tested on animals?



No, IDUN Mineral's products are not animal tested. IDUN Minerals brushes also consist of taclon brush (synthetic material) and not real hair.

Does IDUN Minerals lipgloss and lipstick contain animal fats and oils?


Of course not, IDUN Mineral's lipgloss or lipstick does not contain animal fats and oils. The fats and oils used are vegetable or synthetically produced.

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